Favorable natural and climatic conditions and diversity of honeybees have made Ukraine one of the leaders in the production and export of honey in the world.
The main thing in cooperation with its partners for the company “API-TRADE” is the high quality of honey and its full compliance with the requirements of importing countries.
We offer homogenized honey of 7 types, including: goldenrod, coriander, acacia, linden, buckwheat, sunflower, and polyfloral.

An expert opinion is provided for each batch. The quality of honey is checked by a research laboratory and also confirmed by both state specialized institutions and specialists of EU research laboratories.
The company has the ability to regularly supply polyfloral (collected from different plant species) or monofloral honey (collected from one plant species) in total more than 1000 tons per year.

What we do

Why us?

API-TRADE tries to bring you a high-quality product with its unique natural properties. We buy an only natural products, we cooperate only with experienced and responsible beekeepers.

High indicators of the quality of raw materials and finished products of the company “API-TRADE” are provided, including, by its own production for honey processing, which is equipped with specialized modern equipment and full control of products at all stages of production, through the introduction of a safety management system of food production (HACCP).


We offer polyfloral and monofloral honey of the highest quality, collected in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine.


We have our own production for processing honey and bee products.


Our products do not contain antibiotics, heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides.


The quality of our products is guaranteed by a multilevel control system and modern research methods.